Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catch up time!

Well hello blog world it has been a crazy year! So much has happened that I am sure I will never catch up. The twins had their 1st birthday in July(crazy). They are getting so big and talking so much. They both started walking around 13 months and life just gets busier every day. I absolutly LOVE having twins. Its so fun how much they fallow each other, when one learns something the other one picks it right up. Sometimes its cute and sometimes its just plain naughty times 2. Korver got his cute little helmet off in may and we were so excited that it was off before the hot weather. They love swimming and we spent lots of time at the reservior in herriman this summer so it was nice not to have to worry about it.
Scott finished his movie and premired it at the end of November and it turned out great. Now they are getting ready to do another one. This means Sara and I will have lots of time to hang out together. Scott also got kidney stones 3 days before halloween, of course the morning we were hosting a party at our house, we rushed him to the er. I have heard from everyone that that is the most miserable pain ever.
My brother left on his mission in Febuary and I cant believe it has almost been a year. I cant wait to talk to him on christmas.
Dont feel that you have to read all this, this is for my own records so I might ramble a bit.
They both got their two bottom teeth at the same time at 9 months. I didnt even know that they were teething. My dad babysat one day and when I got home he said " did you know Korver has two bottom teeth?" Sure enough they were there and aniston was getting hers too. Now they have two bottom, 4 top and they are getting all 4 one year molars. halloween was fun. We did a superhero theme and it turned out awesome. Korver actually left the mask on for quite a while and they loved trickortreating. they said thank you at every door and korver would not let me or anyone for that matter hold his bucket for him. I think they ate through like 4 candy wrapers that day.
Loves to have her nails and toes painted and walks around looking at them saying "pitty"
She is a total daddys girl.
her new word that daddy taught her this week is geez( so cute)
Her baby is attached to her at all times, she loves to push her in the stroller
She always wants a cookie, she will walk to the pantry and say "cookie" (how can you resist)
Words she can say:
snow, daddy, momma, kitty, grandpa,baby, geez, cheese, sippy, baba, cookie, bye bye, hello, hi, love u, She counts 0ne-two, santa, adelie, eye, mouth,up, down, ut o, stinky, nigh night
there are so many more i just cant think right now
She knows where all her body parts are
If she sees a headband laying around she puts it on, even if she already has one on or has pigtails
All boy and so mellow
Loves to get dirty
Loves to climb
Loves to pick on his sister
He is such a snuggler, he wants to cuddle all the time(fine by me)
he loves trucks and cars
he also loves to carry a baby around too
he is obsessed with dogs, if he hears or sees one he automaticly says "dah, wof wof" its so cute
Words he can say:
momma, dad, bye, hi, sippy, up, down, ut o, stinky, cheese, kitty, dog, counts one-two, wow, cookie
there are so many more with him too i just cant think right now
He also knows all his body parts its so funny for nose they both stick their finger up their nose and they think that it is hillarious
They still love swimming. we go to the rec center now that its so cold quite a bit and they love to jump in off the side and go all the way under. they want to walk around in the shallow end all by themselves and this last time they wanted to do the little nemo slide by themselves over and over its so cute.
I definitly love this age. they understand so much and are still learning so much. Everyday is a different adventure. I love my little family.
Hopefully this will catch me up a little. I really want to try to be better at this just for my own sake of keeping record. So here we go.
Side note: At least I am awesome at carrying my camera everywhere i go so i can capture the moment since i am horrible at writting stuff down or blogging!