Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So this is acutally my first post and I am not even sure what to write. Not to much has happend lately but maybe more than some of you know so I will tell you.
At the begining of this month was Scott and my two year anniversary. Can you believe that! Time files and things could not be better. In January we bought our home in Herriman and we love it. I love living in Herriman and just to add to that excitement my sister Jen and brother in law just moved not even 5 minutes away which totally made me super excited. I love being close to all mine and scott's family. Things are deffinatly busy in our house. Scott is working full time and going to school full time,(and trying to keep up on his golf game). I am not quite as busy  I guess (maybe) I am still doing hair full time and loving it and I also went back to teaching swimming lessons. I just missed all the little kids and being outside. I love the pool! Well that is about it lately, I guess at least I have made a post.