Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Less than a Week!

So this is the appointment I have been counting down to. The day we find out the sexes of the babies! In just 6 days we will know, March 1st! I cant wait! The reason this picture is of a boy and a girl is because that's what I think it is! I don't know if I think that just because it would be ideal, but all my dreams that I have had have been about a boy and a girl. I am not the only one though, the overall consensus so far from everyone has been boy and girl only a few people (my sister steph and sara and aubrey) keep saying two girls. But I know they only say that just because they think they are funny! Not that I wouldnt love two girls I just am thinking to the later future of fighting over clothes, friends, boyfriends and most of all the DRAMA! Just as a side note I am pretty sure that Scott thinks it is a boy and girl also. Monday will be the deciding moment!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Times TWO!

Scott and I are so excited for the twins to get here! It is all starting to feel more real! My stomach is growing bigger and bigger by the day and we bought two cribs yesterday, which I was so excited to do! I cant wait to find out the sexs of the babies so that we can start putting their room together! It feels like I have to wait forever until that appointment! But in all reality it will be here soon.