Friday, March 19, 2010

The Belly!

Finally a picture for everyone who keeps asking! This was taken at 20 weeks! Now look at someone else carrying 1 baby, this is what they probably look like on their due date. BUT I LOVE IT! I love my big tummy and I love being pregnant! I figure my babies are healthy if I am getting bigger. The doctor said on Monday everything looks great including heartbeats, blood work and my measurements, so onward we go. I think I get bigger everyday. Which I guess is probably normal at this point, but it will all be worth it in the end. I really cant complain, I have had such an easy pregnancy so far!(knock on wood) I have had a few rough mornings here and there and not a lot sounds good, except the crapy foods I probably shouldn't be eating of course. I was really tired my 1st trimester but it has gotten better and better as time has gone on. The hardest part so far is sleeping at night. I am SO uncomfortable! Poor Scott has to sleep with me and my 4 pillows around me every night. I have to have one for my head, one behind my back, one under my tummy and one between my legs. Only being able to sleep on my sides is so hard. I will take the rough nights over being sick everyday for sure. But once again it will all be worth it! I will post more pictures in the weeks to come!


I am finally adding these pictures that were taken almost 3 weeks ago! Baby A is our sweet little girl and baby B is our sweet boy! I am so excited to finally know the sexes it is so fun. I am trying to keep my shopping to a minimum and not buy to much! Which I think everyone can vouch for me that I have done exceptionally well! About the time we found out their sexes I was starting to feel them move, which is amazing. I guess I shouldnt be shocked I was feeling them move, the doctor said our little girl did 3 somersaults while he was doing the exam. (Poor guy couldn't keep track of her). Now I am almost 21 weeks and their kicks are getting stronger and I love it! There is nothing more amazing then knowing that these little lives are growing inside me and that I get to be their mommy! Scott also felt them kick really hard the other day and I was so excited that he got to experience it. I think it is hard as the guy not to go through the phases physically and try to understand! I am so excited for him to be a dad he is going to be the best. He can not wait for them to be here! Now on to the big projects like finishing (or even starting for that matter)their bedroom!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Father's thoughts.

Once in a great while I like to get on and leave a post or two with a random thought or a funny story, but today I thought I would give my thoughts as a future father and what has been going through my mind over the past 18 weeks.
Before I get into that though I want to let everyone know that I have the most amazing wife anyone could ever ask for. She make me a better person everyday and I have learned more from her than she will ever know. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life waking up next to her knowing that we will be together for all of time and eternity. I could say I love you to her every second of the day and it would still not be enough times to really show her how much I love her. In a lame movie quote sort of way “she completes me.”
She is going to make the best mother any child could ask for. I know this for many reasons, but the main reason is she is just like her mom. Unfortunately I was never able to meet Nicole’s mother in person, but I have felt her love and her presence everyday of our marriage and I know that Nicole is going to be just like her. And even though I have never been able to thank Nicole’s mother in person for her amazing daughter I say it in my prayers everyday knowing that she hears it. Never in my life could I have dreamed that I would end up with someone so special and so amazing. She really is my everything.
And now to the main event.
I should start my future father thoughts off with the truth. I am literally scared to death about being a father. What do I do when they start crying? How do I change a diaper? Will they love me? How will I know what they need? And will I be a good dad? These are just a few of the thousands of questions that go through my head on a daily basis. Do I know the answers to these questions? NO! Will I know the answers by the time they get here? I might know the diaper questions, but the others probably not. I don’t think that anyone can really tell you how to be a good father, but I am lucky to have two amazing examples in my life of how to be a good father from both my own father and my father-in-law. Both of whom have taught me so many things in my life about so much.
I know this is starting to sound kind of like a soap opera so I will add one last thought and then I will be done.
Even though I am scared out of my mind to be a dad, I have never been more excited in my entire life. I cannot wait for the first time I get to hold them. I cannot wait for the first time to feed them. And even though a lot of people might disagree I am even excited for the first time I get to change their diapers, providing I know how and I don’t mess something up. Pretty much I am excited for everything that comes from being a parent. I honestly cannot wait to be a father.