Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Slacker!

For all of you who fallow this blog you all know that I am horrible at keeping it up. I keep saying that I will try to do better but as you can tell that is not happening. So on that note i will catch you up on the things going on in our lives here in the Troxel home. Honestly not alot has changed for us. Which i think no change is good change sometimes. I am still working at the salon and teaching swimming which definitly keeps me busy. Scott is working full time and going to school full time. He is now on the downward slope of finishing. YAY! We are so excited. So life is pretty much the same from last time I blogged. We have done a bunch of fun things since then and i am going to try to blog some of those. So sorry about the blog slacking (especially you Jenn, I know it keeps you awake at work to read blogs) I will try to be better(but dont count on it or hold me to it).


Jesse and Justine Thorn said...

Hey Nicole!! Hope you are doing well!!! You guys are the best and I am glad things are going good!

les, james, kenyon, and madison said...