Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Less than a Week!

So this is the appointment I have been counting down to. The day we find out the sexes of the babies! In just 6 days we will know, March 1st! I cant wait! The reason this picture is of a boy and a girl is because that's what I think it is! I don't know if I think that just because it would be ideal, but all my dreams that I have had have been about a boy and a girl. I am not the only one though, the overall consensus so far from everyone has been boy and girl only a few people (my sister steph and sara and aubrey) keep saying two girls. But I know they only say that just because they think they are funny! Not that I wouldnt love two girls I just am thinking to the later future of fighting over clothes, friends, boyfriends and most of all the DRAMA! Just as a side note I am pretty sure that Scott thinks it is a boy and girl also. Monday will be the deciding moment!


Seth and Sara said...

You guys are going to have the cutest little girls ever!:) Ha ha ha Love ya friend! I'm so excited for Monday also!!

Sue said...
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