Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blessing Day!

We blessed the twins on December 5th. It turned out great after worrying that we may have to cancel the morning of. Scott was playing basketball the night before and hurt his back. When we got up the morning of the blessing he could barely walk. Thank goodness for a tough husband. He pushed through it and blessed the babies.(he had to use a cane it was so bad. Its kind of funny to look back on now.) Thank you to my Grandma Frame who made Anistons dress and Grandma Dunn who made Korvers suit. They made them both out of my wedding dress. My grandma had a hard time making the first cut in my dress but I have no regrets I am so happy that I did it. They turned out beautiful.

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Sue said...

How beautiful! What a fantastic use of your wedding dress....wonderful story! Thanks for updating :)