Friday, March 19, 2010


I am finally adding these pictures that were taken almost 3 weeks ago! Baby A is our sweet little girl and baby B is our sweet boy! I am so excited to finally know the sexes it is so fun. I am trying to keep my shopping to a minimum and not buy to much! Which I think everyone can vouch for me that I have done exceptionally well! About the time we found out their sexes I was starting to feel them move, which is amazing. I guess I shouldnt be shocked I was feeling them move, the doctor said our little girl did 3 somersaults while he was doing the exam. (Poor guy couldn't keep track of her). Now I am almost 21 weeks and their kicks are getting stronger and I love it! There is nothing more amazing then knowing that these little lives are growing inside me and that I get to be their mommy! Scott also felt them kick really hard the other day and I was so excited that he got to experience it. I think it is hard as the guy not to go through the phases physically and try to understand! I am so excited for him to be a dad he is going to be the best. He can not wait for them to be here! Now on to the big projects like finishing (or even starting for that matter)their bedroom!

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